Occupational Health and Safety Service

In contrast to earlier interpretations and those still current outside Kiel University, the responsibilities of Kiel University's Occupational Health and Safety Service are not regarded as being focused on investigatory activities. With few exceptions, investigations are only useful if they are targeted at specific risks posed to employees.
Site visits together with experts – employees in their particular spheres of responsibility – are required to gain a realistic picture of individual risks relating to each work station and each activity.
The sole purpose of these visits – including those with Kiel University's safety engineers – is to provide useful advice for the benefit and safety of all those involved. They are not to be regarded as an inspection with an accusing, pointing finger to see that regulations are being observed, as was previously the norm and still is in isolated cases outside Kiel University.
The extensive tasks carried out by the Occupational Health and Safety Service are explained in detail on its website:


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