First aid

First aid

The accident prevention regulations "Principles of Prevention" oblige employers to ensure that the necessary facilities, equipment and staff are available for first aid and rescue operations. This is the only way to make sure that first aid is performed immediately after an accident and the necessary medical attention is provided.

First aiders

It is important to provide training for first aiders so that help is available immediately at any time at an accident site and in case of emergency. The number of first aiders results from the number of
insured parties present. If between 2 and 20 insured parties are present, then at least one first aider must be there at all times. At universities, if more than 20 insured parties are present, then
10 % of the total number of insured parties must be trained as first aiders.

You can find out about the contents of this training and registration at the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V. on the website of the Facility Management, Abteilung Arbeitssicherheit, Be-triebssicherheit und Gefahrstoffentsorgung (occupational safety and disposal of hazardous substances department - in German):  

First aid kits

First aid kits in accordance with DIN 13157 must be quickly accessible and easy to get to at all times. The contents are to be checked regularly to ensure that they are complete and that nothing has expired. If necessary, the contents must be replaced.

You can find a list of the current contents here.
First aid material.docx

First aid posters

Posters are to be hung up providing information about first aid as well as details on emergen-cy telephone numbers, first aid and rescue facilities, first aiders, doctors and hospitals. The information must be kept up to date.


You can get a copy of the poster "First Aid" from the Central Unit: Safety Engineering in German or English.

Documenting first aid (first aid log book)

When first aid is given, it must also be documented. This record must be kept for at least five years and treated confidentially.
Every injury must be entered into the first aid log book, because later consequences on ac-count of an injury can never be ruled out. The entry serves as proof for the accident insur-ance that the injury occurred at work.