Accidents at work or while travelling to/from the workplace

Accidents at work or while travelling to/from the workplace

If employees or students have an accident during an insured activity, this is an accident at work.

According the the German Social Code, an accident at work is defined as a "very time-restricted event which has a damaging effect on the body, occurring from outside".

Insured activities also include travel between home and the workplace, when the employees or students take the most direct route between the two.
They may deviate from this route

  • in order to drop children off at kindergarten, school or other daycare options, or
  • to share drive with other employees or insured persons.


When does an accident report need to be filled out?

If an accident at work or while travelling to or from the workplace results in an inability to work lasting more than three calendar days, or in the death of an employee or student.

Please note:
There are different forms for employees and students.

The Unfallkasse Nord, located in Kiel, is responsible for Kiel University.

Accident report for employees at Kiel University

Questionnaire for accidents while travelling to/from the workplace

Accident report for students at Kiel University                                                                                   

Within which time period must the accident report be filed?

The report must be filed within three days of the accident.