Central Unit: Safety Engineering - our tasks

The occupational safety experts provide managers, responsible persons and employees at Kiel University with advice and support for issues of occupational safety.

We advise on

  • assessing the working conditions, the so-called risk assessment,
  • planning, implementing and maintaining workplaces,
  • procuring technical equipment,
  • introducing working procedures and materials,
  • selecting and testing personal safety equipment,
  • designing the workplace, work sequences and the working environment,
  • questions on ergonomics.

The occupational safety experts conduct regular visits to workplaces in order to locate deficiencies in occupational safety, to inform the persons responsible of these deficiencies and to suggest measures to rectify the problem.

We investigate the causes of accidents at work and evaluate these.

We offer to check operational and technical equipment before its initial operation and to review working procedures before they are implemented in terms of their technical safety.

We offer training courses and informative materials.